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Renewal of our English IR website
This is to inform you of our English IR website renewal. Please click the title named “ENGLISH” on the top line of our home page to see it.
In this renewal, the following English contents are added.
    1.  Consolidated Financial Report of Fiscal 2017
    2.  A video of our financial results briefing (dubbed version)
    3.   Highlights of the financial results
We will continue to improve our website.
Please be informed that the following transfer of representative directors was approved at the board of directors held on May 15th, and this is effective July 1st, 2018.
name old new
Norikazu Ichikawa Representative Director and President Representative Director and Chairman
Satoshi Ichikawa Representative Director and
Senior managing executive officer
Representative Director and President
In order to cope with the rapid change of business environment, we aim to build up the organization which enables us to make quick decisions by rejuvenation of management system.
English IR report was published by Investment Bridge Co., Ltd.
English IR report (Bridge Report) for the first half of fiscal year June 2018 was published by Investment Bridge Co., Ltd.
HTML version can be found here.
PDF version can be found here.