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Representative Director and President
Satoshi Ichikawa

We are pleased to announce that “Digital Information Technologies Corporation” (DIT Securities Identification Code 3916) has received approval from “the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)” to change the listing of our shares from the Second Section to the First Section of “TSE”, effective March 17, 2017. We are sincerely grateful for your wholehearted support.

The IT industries that we serve are constantly changing. To remain viable here, we operate business by “seeking to stabilization and growth, through the improvement of added value and response to changes”.
In particular, we promote business development centering on stability enforcement by adding value to and by improving productivity of traditional business as business foundation and growth enhancement by our original products as an essential part of the growth process. To meet your expectations continuously, we remain committed to sustainable growth and enhancing the corporate value.

We sincerely ask for further feedback and encouragement from our shareholders and investors.