DIT / Digital Information Technologies Corporation



Digital Information Technologies Corporation is an independent information service company. Its sales are mostly from the undertaking of the development of business systems, embedded devices, etc. for clients mainly in the fields of finance, communications, etc. The company concentrates on the expansion of its products based on its original technologies, including “WebARGUS,” a website security solution, and “xoBlos,” an Excel work innovation platform. The company has a variety of characteristics, such as “multifaceted, diverse information technologies” and “organizational strategies of partial and total optimizations.”

Company Name Digital Information Technologies Corporation
Abbreviation DIT
Headquarters FORECAST Sakurabashi Bld.,3F. 4-5-4, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0032, JAPAN
Founded January 4, 2002
Common Stock 437,181 thousand yen (As of June 30, 2016)
Closing Month June
Headcount (Consolidated) 912 (As of June 30, 2016)
Representative Corporate Executive Officers President Norikazu Ichikawa
Senior Managing Director Satoshi Ichikawa
Affiliated Company TOYO INFONET CO.,LTD
DIT America,LLC.
(Contact Us) e-mail : ir_info@ditgroup.jp